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Inspirational keynotes for companies
on the topics of innovation & strategy

You want enthusiastic customers & motivated and entrepreneurial teams?

My keynote speeches aim to provide valuable insights and outlooks in a vivid and entertaining way and cover topics ranging

from innovative corporate culture, innovation management and innovative methods to megatrends and disruptions as well as the future-proofing of business models.

I inspire people to look beyond their current horizons and step out of their comfort zone. For a strong and future-oriented

society, we need innovative companies and courageous and entrepreneurial individuals. This means being open to new trends and developments, seizing resulting opportunities, thinking and acting innovatively and entrepreneurially and also daring to voice unconventional and disruptive ideas and drive innovative projects forward.

With my speeches and keynotes, I would like to support you in fostering internal change to become more innovative, open up new perspectives and also emphasize this dynamic development and mindset at external events with customers and partners.

For your internal and external events, I offer a focused range of topics that can be adapted to suit your needs. The length of a keynote speech usually goes up to 60 minutes, and any keynote can be held in German or English.

Inspirierende Keynotes für Unternehmen zu den Themen Innovation & Strategie - Prof. Dr. Silke N. Finken

Keynotes all around Innovation, Customer focus and Failure culture

Innovative Leadership: How managers lead their teams to think and act more innovatively.

  • When will people become innovative: trust, psychological safety and co.

  • Fostering courage and creativity: Mindset and methods

  • Entrepreneurial thinking: How ideas can learn to fly

Wings for Ideas: Inspiration for more innovative thinking and action

  • Wings for ideas: How to foster innovative ideas

  • The lift beneath your wings: What do ideas need to fly?

  • Mayday, mayday, mayday: Learning from crash landings

Constructive failure cultur: More initiative without Card Blanche

  • Good mistakes, bad mistakes: can mistakes be beneficial?

  • Constructive error culture: A challenge for the entire organization

  • The right mindset: Involvement on all levels required

Design Thinking & Friends.: How to use innovative approaches

  • Structure and creativity - how do they fit together?

  • Getting to know the user - but in the right way

  • Overcoming hurdles - taking the organization with you

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Mehr erfahren Keynotes

Keynotes on megatrends, strategies and business models:

The power of megatrends: strategies for the future

  • Clouds on the horizon: What are the big megatrends?

  • Opportunity, risk or both: What do these trends imply?

  • Evolution or revolution: Adapting the business model

Disrupt yourself: before someone else does it

  • Big Bang: What are disruptions?

  • Cat or mouse: What will you be?

  • Tools and Mindset: What do you need to be disruptive?

KI, Metaverse & Co.:

  • KI, Metaverse & Co: How do they change our world

  • Staying ahead of the curve: Using the innovative potential

  • Customer first: Pushing the most promising ideas

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