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Inspiring keynotes and results-oriented workshops for companies on the topics of innovation & strategy

Prof. Dr. Silke N. Finken - Professorin für Innovationsmanagement & Keynote Speakerin -Inspirierende Keynotes und ergebnisorientierte Workshops für Unternehmen zu den Themen Innovation & Strategie

My name is Silke Finken.
I support companies with inspiring keynotes and result-oriented workshops to become more innovative and to systematically future-proof their business models.

My experiences as

  • Professor for Innovation Management 

  • Former Head of Innovation Management of Transaction Banking at DZ BANK

  • Former project leader at Bain & Company

give me a unique overall perspective on the challenges companies face in driving innovation and future-proofing their business models. 

Inspirierende Keynotes und ergebnisorientierte Workshops für Unternehmen zu den Themen Innovation & Strategie - Prof. Dr. Silke N. Finken: Professorin für Innovationsmanagement & Keynote Speakerin

How do your employees become more innovative and entrepreneurial?

What are key trends and changes, and what are the opportunities and risks for your company?

How do you make your business model resilient and fit for the future?

Do you see yourself here?

Are you looking for inspiring and well-founded keynotes for internal events that motivate your
employees to act more innovatively and entrepreneurially, and vividly illustrate the consequences of
new trends?


Are you looking for entertaining but at the same time highly insightful speeches on
topics related to innovation and new developments and disruptions
for your internal and external


Or do you want to dive deeper into strategy development in internal workshop settings and
use innovative methods to challenge and future-proof your business model or develop and co-create
new ideas together with customers or other partners?

Professor für Innovationsmanagement & Keynote Speaker

My offers for you at a glance

As an expert in strategy and innovation with many years of consulting and leadership experience, I
help companies with stimulating keynotes and workshops to ...


  • consistently focus innovations on customer needs and efficiently implement the most promising ideas

  • create a culture that promotes a willingness to innovate and entrepreneurial thinking

  • make strategies and business models fit for the future

  • systematically identify and proactively address future opportunities and challenges

  • inspire customers and other partners at joint events

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Inspirational Keynotes

In my keynotes

I make innovation culture tangible and give inspiration for more innovative and
entrepreneurial behavior.
A culture of innovation includes trust, personal responsibility and
the courage to try out new topics and lend wings to ideas. Innovative leadership, a
constructive failure culture and the use of appropriate innovation methods subsequently
allow the best ideas to soar.


I vividly illustrate how to get to know your customers' fundamental needs and problems in
order to delight and impress them with products, services and experiences.
The keynote

includes an entertaining “Best of” of approaches and concepts such as Design Thinking,
Experience Economy and optimizing customer journeys


I highlight opportunities and challenges raised by megatrends and provide impulses for
systematic and forward-looking strategy development.
In this way, I support managers in
preparing their teams and themselves for the future.

Result-oriented workshops

My workshops provide detailed deep-dives: Using a mix of proven and innovative methods such as
Business Model Canvas, Business Model Heatmaps, creativity methods and elements of Design
Thinking, the aim is to identify
opportunities and risks for existing business models and derive
strategic options
. Which areas are particularly at risk? Which new profit potentials arise? How should
you position yourself in the future? Who are potential new strategic partners? What will you do
differently from Monday morning onwards? And what do you want to achieve in the next six to
twelve months?


Especially for banks

For internal events as well as association and specialist conferences I offer special keynotes on bank-specific topics such as embedded finance, customer focus and the role of banks in ecosystems.


My keynotes are particularly suitable for events with your customers, especially in medium-sized companies around the future orientation of strategies and business models.

That's what my customers say...

We worked with Prof. Dr. Finken on the opportunities and challenges of new technologies and business models as part of a leadership workshop.


She used innovative methods such as wargaming or the business model canvas to clearly illustrate the importance of change and the further development of business models to us in a completely different way.

It was a very entertaining keynote and workshop and a good source of inspiration for our bank. Very practice-oriented - we can only recommend it!

– Albert Griebl, Head of the Board of VR-Bank Rottal-Inn eG


Do you want to become more innovative as a team or as a company and systematically align your
business models with future opportunities and challenges?

Let us get in touch - I look forward to working with you!

Thank you very much for your message.

You will receive a reply from me within one working day!

Prof. Dr. Silke N. Finken - Professor für Innovationsmanagement & Keynote Speaker -Inspirierende Keynotes und ergebnisorientierte Workshops für Unternehmen zu den Themen Innovation & Strategie
“Innovation distinguishes
between a leader and a follower.”

– Steve Jobs

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